Sunday, October 9, 2011

Root Vegetable Fabric

I have a confession. I like fruit so much more than vegetables. I'm not saying I hate vegetables, it's just I like fruit better. I do like some veggies (raw!), even though I'll admit I don't eat as many as I should. When I saw that the Fabric of the Week contest at Spoonflower was for Root Vegetable themed fabrics, I was a bit puzzled. How would I, someone not crazy about veggies, translate the theme into something graphic and fun? Luckily, some inspiring images popped up on search results and led to this print.

Sliced Dots : Earth

It's titled "Sliced Dots: Earth". You can click on the image above to see it in full repeat or click here. The print is made up of stylized carrot, turnip, golden beet, and red beet slices on an earthy brown background. The dots range in size from 1 to 2.5 inches. Here is a detailed image of the print:

I think this print would be perfect for a fun circle skirt. It would make fun clothing in general, as well as being used for crafting and decor. I also have it on a leafy green background:

Sliced Dots : Greens

I am waiting on my swatches of these fabrics (and more!) to come in. The green background on the one above actually prints a bit brighter, as a yellow green color. This was my first variation of the design, but felt the veggies popped better on the brown background.

You can vote for your favorite root vegetable fabrics here at Spoonflower until Wednesday. There are lots of different interpretations of the theme, and many different styles, so enjoy looking through the great entries!

Past contest results:
 Jack-O-Lantern Plushie/Pillow: "Posh Pumpkin Pillow" 62/65 (Not great at all, but the design was a bit out of the ordinary for me).

Ditsy Prints: "Halloween Doodles: Green" 80/247. This one did way better than I thought it would! I'm waiting on the swatches to come in, before I can make it (and the other swatches) available for sale.

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