Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sewing Project: B&W Jacket

So, here's the long promised jacket post. I used Simplicity pattern 2452 for this jacket, which is unfortunately out of print, but can still be found and bought here. It is a Threads Magazine pattern, and includes three different jacket options and a straight skirt. I chose to make the view A jacket, which has a stand collar, princess seams, and bracelet length sleeves. The jackets are all unlined, but the pattern suggests using bias tape to cover the seam edges.

Needed supplies. Not pictured are the pattern and black thread.

I rummaged through my fabric and trim stash to find a lightweight black twill fabric and white buttons. (Woohoo for not having to buy anything!) The black fabric was going to be used for a different jacket that never got made and the buttons were actually going to be used for this jacket, but with a different fabric. I also had double fold bias tape in both black and white. The white thread was used for topstitching, because I love it and felt it would look great on this jacket.

Unlike the pattern, I didn't use shoulder pads for my jacket. I thought it would be odd to have shoulder pads in a twill jacket. To compensate for the lack of shoulder pads, I slightly modified the pattern. I did this once the jacket base was sewn, and fitted the final fabric on myself. For me, I really just had to take in the sleeve allowance on the front and back pieces, which I would have had to do anyway since I have narrow shoulders.

Also unlike the pattern, I only used three packages of double fold bias tape rather than the four they suggested. If I remember correctly (it's been a few months since I made this!), I didn't even use all of the three packages of bias tape.

Jacket front, buttoned.

This jacket was simple to sew, and didn't take much time to sew. It did take time to do the topstitching and bias tape, though. It has become one of my favorite jackets, and I have worn it so much since finishing it. It gives a polished look to any outfit, and was also on trend for this fall. (I haven't really been keeping up with the fashion trends lately, but was super excited to see that black and white clothing was a major trend). For the buttonholes, I actually sewed them using black thread rather than white, so they wouldn't compete with the buttons.

Jacket back.

My favorite part of the jacket is the seaming in the back. The center bottom piece gives a slight peplum effect, which is very flattering. I also love how the topstitching really highlights the seaming on the jacket back. It is hard to tell from these pictures, but I did topstitching on the side seams as well.

Jacket inside with bias tape.

My second favorite thing about this jacket is the inside where I mostly used white bias tape. It is a nice contrast and hidden detail, and makes me happy for some strange reason. I only used black bias tape on the side seams and armhole seams.

I'm currently decorating for the holidays, and will be working on a few related projects. I do not have a Spoonflower contest entry this week, but will be posting more sewing projects, and maybe some holiday related ones.

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