Sunday, July 17, 2011

Christmas in July!

I finally made the penguin stocking I designed last November. I entered my penguin stocking in the stocking fabric of the week contest on Spoonflower. It was my first contest entry, and my first project design. (I made it in the Top Ten for the stocking contest!) I ordered it to proof the colors late November, and let it stay folded up in its envelope until last week.

Printed by Spoonflower on quilting cotton:

I adjusted some of the colors and made some corrections to the design. This stocking was so fun to make. Some of the accessories were a bit tricky to turn inside out, especially the hang tab and antlers. I stuffed the accessories (except scarf) with some fiberfill to give them a nice shape. Now onto the dress up pictures (complete with some silly ensembles)!

First up: A spiffy penguin wearing a top hat and scarf.

Elf penguin wearing hat, scarf, and elf shoes.

Reindeer penguin complete with scarf and antlers:

Santa penguin complete with hat and beard:

Bearded elf penguin (Who knew such a thing could exist? Also, I just noticed I didn't have the elf shoes shown here.):

Rudolph's strange grandfather reindeer penguin:

Finally, we have an Abraham Lincoln penguin for history buffs. (Just color the beard with a fabric marker!):

I really enjoyed designing and sewing this stocking. (Penguins are one of my favorite animals and I like to design fun projects). I am considering making the stocking pattern fat quarter size and adjusting to turn it into a stuffed penguin. I think it would make a fantastic gift holder as a smaller size too. Although the regular size penguin could be made into a stuffie instead by leaving out the hang tab. Craft supplies can always be added to the accessories to personalize it. This is the perfect stocking for penguin lovers young and old. You can find my Penguin Stocking for purchase at Spoonflower.

Later this week I will be posting another project post. Stay tuned for a sweet treat!

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