Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I want candy!

Another post, another Spoonflower contest entry. I entered my "Multi-sized Candy Skirt" in the Spoonflower Skirt pattern fabric of the week contest. The stipulation was that it had to be on 1 yard of fabric and have printed instructions, but could be a child or adult skirt and could be designed for the wider fabrics. I was really excited to get my fabric, especially since I got it before the end of the contest voting period. I'm so happy with how the skirt turned out, regardless of how it finished in the contest. There was a lot of awesome talent in the contest. Now, on to the pictures!

My skirt pattern printed on quilting weight cotton by Spoonflower. It can fit sizes 4-10 for girls. (I wanted to get a picture of it right out of the package and forgot to take one after ironing it. Please excuse the wrinkles).

Here's the finished skirt with wrapped candy pocket:

Candy pocket in action:


Side seam with matching gumballs:

Pretty detail shots!

I really want a real version of this lollipop right now:

It's so pretty!

And a final picture of the gumballs in their colorful glory:

I made a layer with some dark purple fabric I had so that the skirt would not be see through and also to give it some more color. The skirt has an elastic waist, so in theory it could fit anyone with hips smaller than 43" (I think). This skirt was so much fun to design, especially with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory playing while working. I might design coordinating fabrics that have only the gumballs and only the lollipops.

My skirt can be found here at Spoonflower.

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