Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cake, Paper, Scissors!

I've been working on a couple collections and getting designs adjusted for Spoonflower's new color profile, and took an unexpected break from writing posts. The collections are done, though one is on the back burner until I can adjust the colors. The other collection will get its own post in a few days, and a design recap will be posted also. Now, it's time for cake.

This week's Fabric of the Week contest at Spoonflower is the theme of paper collage cakes. Designers had to create prints featuring cakes in some form, entirely out of paper. The entries cover a wide range of different cake varieties, but unsurprisingly, a large number are of cupcakes. The contest will definitely tempt your sweet tooth.

I decided to go a simple but fun route for my entry. I was partly inspired by several Cake Wrecks, but wanted to create a usable print. I created a windowpane plaid made up of rotated sheet cakes covered with sprinkles. I used paper in several colors, scrapbook scissors, glue, and a hole punch to create this print. Here is my entry, I Want Sprinkles Plaid Large.

I Want Sprinkles Plaid Large
I Want Sprinkles Plaid Large. Click image to see it in yardage. Fat quarter, 21"x18" view shown.

This version is a larger scale, both for the contest view and for projects needing a larger scale such as tote bags. I think it would also make a fun apron for a baker or cake decorator (a non Wrecky one, of course).

I have another version in a smaller scale, perfect for clothing. I think the smaller scale would make a fun straight or pencil skirt. I like how the plaid becomes the focus, and the sprinkles add a bit of fun to offset the pattern.

I Want Sprinkles Plaid Small
Click image to see I Want Sprinkles Plaid Small in yardage. Image is of swatch view, 8"x8".

Both fabrics are available for sale. I may make some more coordinating prints out of paper later if the inspiration strikes.

Voting for the Paper Collage Cakes contest ends Wednesday evening. You can vote here for your favorite entries.

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