Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fabric: When Geeks Attack!

First, I want to express my extreme jealousy at everyone who attended PAX this year. I've never attended a convention, but I know I want to go to PAX at some point (hopefully next year!). I may have to play some Mario Kart later.

Second: I've noticed a lot of sudden interest in my geek/video game tagged fabrics, which means that geeks are finally finding Spoonflower! I know I've been promoting my current contest entries, but I thought I would also promote some of my fabric collections. (Also, please bear with me and my post topics; my blog is still new, I'm still getting back into writing (oh how I've missed it!), and currently dealing with some issues completely out of my control, which is not fun).

For my Console Colors collection, I have two stripes, two plaids, and one dot in two colorways. If I've lost you, let me explain. I have two colorways; one is inspired by colors from NES games, and the other colorway is inspired by colors from one of my favorite SNES games, Super Mario World. Each colorway has two stripes, two plaids, and one dot.

 NES inspired:

SNES inspired:

I also have a stripe inspired by Pac-Man, which is currently available for purchase in two colorways.

Available for purchase here.

Available for purchase here.
I have more Pac-Man inspired prints, but they are for my use only, since I do not want to deal with copyright issues. I also do not want to get on Namco's (or Nintendo's) bad sides, since I love everything Pac-Man and Zelda (among other games). I will be doing another Pac-Man inspired stripe, but strictly in colors from the game (well, actually the colors will come from Ms. Pac-Man). 

Spoonflower offers a variety of fabric that can suit almost any project. For casual clothing, the knit would be great as a top or dress. There's also cotton silk, a new fabric, that is soft and shiny, and could be perfect for a pretty, but still geeky, dress. For crafting uses, the linen-cotton canvas or upholstery weight cotton twill could work well, depending on the project. The linen-cotton canvas is a little thinner than typical duck cloth, but is much softer and nicer. The canvas could also work for a casual jacket, if someone would want a geeky jacket.

Upcoming post: My current Fabric of the Week contest entry, and my entry for the next contest. Until then, please look at my video game inspired fabrics and check out other geek fabric on Spoonflower. Also, play some video games!

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