Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Twitter and Plushie Pattern!

I resisted the urge to set up a twitter until the other day. I thought it might be a good idea, since I do not have a Facebook fan page for my designs. You can click on the Twitter bird icon to the right to follow me (I'm @modgeekbykg). I will use Twitter to send updates on both of my blogs, my stores, and general announcements. I'm not going to get too crazy with it, because I have my personal Twitter (although I don't tweet much on it!).

The current Fabric of the Week contest at Spoonflower is a plushie pattern for a fat quarter (quarter of a yard). My entry is "Super Penguin Plushie!" and can be found here. I am waiting on my fabric to come in so I can sew it up. I will do a blog post as soon as it's sewn and photographed.

It's currently shown for quilting weight cotton at a fat quarter, but it's sized for wider fabrics such as the cotton sateen. The wider size includes more peppermint discs, a bracelet, and a sidekick plushie. The superhero penguin comes with a cape, mask, and peppermint discs to use as weapons. This penguin uses mind control to throw the discs! (I made that up due to the lack of wings on this guy. I'm sure a child would have the same logic, though!) Oh, and don't worry, the peppermint discs cause no actual harm to "bad guys". The discs just make the "bad guys" realize that they shouldn't be bad.

You can vote for my "Super Penguin Plushie!" and other fun plushie patterns here at Spoonflower. Voting for this contest ends tomorrow, so please vote for your favorites!

Next posts: Bowling fabric, dress sewn from commercial pattern, and (eventually) "Super Penguin Plushie!" sewn up.

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