Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bowling Time! (And past contest results)

I love to bowl with friends or family. It's always fun, especially going to a cosmic bowling night. The silliness, the competition, the food, and the atmosphere all make for a great time. Changing friend's screen names to something silly is always fun too. It's amazing the kinds of pranks you can pull in a small space without anyone noticing.

This week's Fabric of the Week contest theme on Spoonflower is bowling. The range of designs in the contest is great, covering bowling shirts, spiffy bowling bags, the signage, pins, decor, and of course bowling balls. This is my entry for the contest, "Bowling Stripes Grey":

It features stripes with scored boxes, bowling pins, and bowling balls with a star print. I did a slightly retro colorway, since bowling is always associated with 1950s fun. This print can also coordinate with my Links print in some of the colorways. The above picture is my uploaded design, and shows the detail better. Here is what the print looks like in repeat:

Bowling Stripes Grey

You can vote for the Bowling fabric contest here. Voting for this contest ends Wednesday evening, so be sure to vote for your favorites, if you haven't already. I ordered a swatch of this fabric (among other designs) and can't wait to see how it prints up.

Past contest results: Super Penguin Plushie! finished 44/130 which isn't bad considering he faced competition with a super hero fox and pig.
Mod about the Circus finished 115/174 in the Circus contest. I still think it would make a great mini skirt.

I promise my next post will be the Super Penguin Plushie completed project. I have him done, but haven't done his photo shoot yet due to this weekend with family. I will also (eventually) post about my most recent personal sewing project. And the next fabric contest is for the birds (literally)!

Please vote for your favorite bowling fabrics at Spoonflower. Stay tuned for future posts, and maybe have a bowling night this week or weekend!

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