Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bird Fabric Contest

The current Fabric of the Week contest at Spoonflower is Birds with a limited color palette. The colors that could have been used were black, white, Spoonflower aqua, and a fourth color of the designer's choosing. I thought that there would be the normal amount of contest entries due to the limited color palette, but there are over 300 entries! Most of the contests (excluding projects/kits) have around 100-150 entries. I guess designers are crazy about birds!

I am starting to make my contest entries coordinate with some of my designs, rather than have a bunch of unrelated designs. I like the added challenge, and want to build up collections of fabrics that can actually coordinate with each other. Here is my Birds contest entry in repeat, "Chic Birdie Bows":

Chic Birdie Bows

Bow detail.
The print features pretty bows connected by strands of pearls. The bows are made up of a stylized butterfly and two stylized birds. I chose a teal as my fourth color, so this print would coordinate with my Curves & Pearls Print shown below (in teal).

curves & pearls: teal

Both prints are also available in other colorways. "Chic Birdie Bows" is also on a white background and on a background of the Spoonflower aqua with white pearls instead. "Curves & Pearls" is also available on a background very close to the Spoonflower aqua with white swirls and spring green pearls.

You can vote for the Birds fabric contest here at Spoonflower. Fair warning though: there are 22 pages of entries to go through! There are lots of great designs (as usual) and it's interesting to see what fourth color designers chose. Many chose a teal color, but there are also unexpected color combinations that stand out. Take some time and vote for your favorites!

Bowling Fabric contest results: "Bowling Stripes Grey" placed 38th out of 110 fabrics. I ordered swatches of this fabric, along with my "Chic Birdie Bows" and other fabrics. I should receive them in a few days.

Next contest: Autumn themed fabrics. Next posts: some sewing/crafting projects, easy decor project, and Autumn fabric.

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