Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Easy, Pretty, Slouchy Knit Cowl

I love fall and winter. I love the cooler temperatures after dealing with a hot and humid summer. I love the crispness of the air, the contrast between the sky and leaves, and later bare trees. I love being able to enjoy warm foods and drinks (hello hot chocolate!). However, I do not like scarves, which are an (almost) necessary accessory for winter. I do not like how restrictive and fussy they can be. I would prefer a cowl, but could never find exactly what I wanted, which wasn't anything extreme. (I have found that even if I want something REALLY basic, it's near impossible to find). So, I decided to make one. (If you can't find it, make it!)

First, I found the perfect yarn, or rather, it found me. Walking down the craft aisle, I spotted a yarn that I knew I had to use for something. It's color is named Plum Perfect, which is the perfect name for it. It's a dark purple that has just a little bit of red to it.

Next, I had to find a cowl pattern. I wanted something easy to knit but had some texture to it. I also wanted it to be slouchy. I found a great cowl online at KnitPicks. It's knit in the round, has ribbing at either end and the middle, and has diagonal stitching between the ribbing sections. The cowl, named "Meine Kalte Liebe Cowl," can be found here.

It was easy to knit, but it had been a while since I had knitted, so I make some mistakes. The cowl was (relatively) error free, until right before my last section of ribbing. I must have miscounted what row I was on for the diagonal stitching, because it didn't match up with the ribbing. Oops. The cowl still looks good though, and I'll wear it scrunched so the mistake won't be as visible.

The top in the picture was where I ended, so you can see where I made my mistake. I love how it looks though, and it is really warm. It will be great to wear as the weather gets cooler. Here's a close up of the ribbing and diagonal stitching of the cowl:

I will be posting a garment reconstruction project later, and maybe either a decor or Halloween project. I may save the Halloween project for next week, and have a week (or two) for spooky crafts and fabric.

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