Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jack O' Lantern Pillow/Plushie

This week's Fabric of the Week contest at Spoonflower is for Jack O Lantern pillow and/or plushie kits. My first idea sounded so much better in my head than on paper. It ended up looking like a Medusa pumpkin alien pillow. Not exactly what I had in mind. Somehow, that bizarre idea led to my refined contest entry. Here is my "Posh Pumpkin Pillow and Cube Kit":

Posh Pumpkin Pillow and Cube Kit

You can view the kit by clicking the image above or clicking here. The kit includes an 18" pillow and two 4" cubes on one yard of quilting weight cotton. There is an extra 12" pillow on some of the wider fabrics. The pillow can be embellished with beading, French knots, or it can be tufted. The cubes can be used as decoration or toys. There are two different Jack O Lantern faces on the pillow, and six on the cubes (two of the cube faces are those on the pillow). The grey prints darker than pictured, and the orange prints as a burnt orange color.

It's hard to see the "stitched" detail on this kit, so I have some close ups of the faces on the pillow (and two cube sides). The first is a happy Jack O Lantern face:

The second is a happy vampire Jack O Lantern face:

You can vote for this week's fabric contest here at Spoonflower. There are not as many entries as the past few contests, but there are still a lot of great (and creative) kits. The contest unfortunately ends later today. I wanted to post this earlier, but life kind of got in the way a bit. (And fabric designs). To make up for that, there will be at least one more post today, and more this week.

Past contest result, Autumn contest: "Fall Flowers" placed 63/260. WOOHOO! Usually, my entries get lost in the big contests, and am happy to just place in the top half. I was really excited to see that number though. It's not top ten, but it's still the top 24%.

I talked about a knitting project last week that never got a post. It's happening today, after I take a picture I forgot about and upload them. Don't forget to vote for your favorite pumpkin pillow and plushie kits!

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